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Welcome to Kendall Coffey Interviews! As a prominent legal analyst for the media, Kendall Coffey makes many appearances online and on television. The purpose of this site is to chronicle Kendall Coffey’s interviews and commentary in one central location.

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In his guilty plea, Michael Cohen said Donald Trump ordered him to pay a couple of women during the 2016 presidential race to keep their mouths closed about their past sexual relationships with Trump. He has continuously denied having any type of inappropriate relationships with either of the women, but days before the election Cohen …

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ABC News

Kendall Coffey was mention on ABC News on December 11, 2013. Kendall Coffey is representing the City of Sunny Isles, Florida in the case against the city over a historical preservation site. An Orthodox Jewish temple applied to make renovations in a building, and the city denied. The suit against the city claims religious discrimination. From ABC News: Former Miami U.S. Attorney Kendall Coffey, who represents Sunny Isles Beach and its mayor, said rather than religious freedom, the major concern of B'nai Zion is how the historic designation affects the property's value. Coffey noted that Edelcup and several other city officials involved in the decision are also Jewish. "They are alleging anti-Jewish discrimination on the part of public officials, the vast majority of whom are Jewish," Coffey said. "It's far-fetched, although the plaintiff (B'nai Zion) has an obvious financial motive." Read the whole article at ABC News.
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New Hampshire Bar Association

November 15, 2013
Book review on the New Hampshire Bar Association for Spinning the Law by Kendall Coffey "In his book, Coffey looks at some of the biggest cases in recent memory and analyzes how each side’s spinning of the case impacted the outcome. Some of the cases included O.J. Simpson, Elian Gonzalez, Scott Peterson, and Bush v. Gore (which the author was actually involved in). He provides an in-depth yet highly accessible and interesting analysis of how the spin in each case affected the verdict." http://www.nhbar.org/publications/display-news-issue.asp?id=7084
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Washington Post

August 5, 2013
Kendall Coffey quoted in the Washington Post, saying support for Stand Your Ground Laws is supporting a license to kill. Kendall Coffey in Washington Post on August 8th
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South Florida Business Journal

August 13, 2013
Kendall Coffey gets lawsuit against client dismissed http://www.bizjournals.com/southflorida/news/2013/08/13/home-federal-bank-investor-lawsuit.html Coffey Burlington attorney Kendall Coffey who represented the plaintiff, said the investor won his injunction to grant a temporary restraining order against a previous stock offering that would be been harmful to some investors and succeeded in getting new directors and management.  “The plaintiff’s lawsuit has been resolved successfully,” he added.
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