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PoliticKing with Larry King and Kendall Coffey

Kendall Coffey responds to the latest in the Russia Investigation Kendall Coffey responds to the latest in the Russia Investigation: the Trump team turnover of documents to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Coffey attempts to dispel the notion that what we’re seeing is undoubtedly a conspiracy. Rather, the turnover of documents is a “critical, necessary, and […]

Kendall Coffey on NewsNation

Kendall Coffey: Important Court Decision Needed for Marlise Munoz Case

  Kendall Coffey was recently on NewsNation with Tamron Hall, discussing the current legal issues regarding Marlise Munoz, the pregnant woman in Tarrant County who was recently diagnosed as brain-dead. See below for the transcript of Kendall Coffey’s insight into the murky legal matter.   Kendall Coffey: And of course as it was just described, […]

Kendall Coffey on Rachel Maddow

Kendall Coffey: Questions Raised for NJ Attorney General Nominee

Kendall Coffey stopped by The Rachel Maddow Show on January 10 to discuss the latest news surrounding Chris Christie and the ongoing controversy surrounding the closing of the bridge to Fort Lee. See below for the full transcription of the interview: Rachel Maddow: The New Jersey Senate said today they need more time to prepare […]

Kendall Coffey Comments on West Virginia Mine Blast

Corporations like Massey, since bought out by Virginia-based Alpha Natural Resources, are typically structured to shield their leaders from liability, the experts say. To reach the top, investigators would most likely need hard evidence to match witnesses’ words. Either that, says former U.S. Attorney Kendall Coffey of Miami, or they’ll need multiple witnesses. “If the […]