Kendall Coffey Baffled by Documents Released in Jon Benet Ramsey Case


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Flickr CC via Ted Abbot – Ramsey grave site.

Kendall Coffey appeared on MSNBC’s Jansing and Company to discuss documents released to the public from the grand jury indictment of the parents of Jon Benet Ramsey.  While DNA evidence later exonerated any involvement the parents might have, the grand jury at the time that the parents facilitated a situation that led to the death of the six year old beauty queen.  Here’s Kendall Coffey had to say:

It’s stunning.  One of the most sensational murder mysteries of our times, and all we can tell from this is that at some point, the grand jury believed that her parents were responsible, at least they believed there was probably cause.  Now we know that there was some very important things happened after the grand jury signed off on those indictments.  The prosecutors didn’t bring charges.  He believed that there was not enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they could be convicted of the crime of being involved in their child’s death.  There’s a different standard between a grand jury’s probably cause and a prosecutor’s duty to determine if you can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  Of course, we also learned that in 2000, eight years later, the successor to the original prosecutor determined through DNA evidence that the parents were not implicated in the crime.  This is a stunning development and we all want to know more frankly, what is was that prompted the grand jury to develop this theory of how the parents were involved in the death of their own child.

Well, there is a point to the concern about the impact this has on John Ramsey. What’s more horrible than people thinking you might have killed your own child?  As we know, there’s really no presumption of innocence in the court of public opinion. But Colorado’s open records laws are limited. Grand jury proceedings are generally secret.  Only the official action, which in this case the key pages signed by the grand jury foreperson, that’s all that can be released. It’s a frustrating scenario and a painful one for John Ramsey, for the memory of his late wife and for those who have been following the case, just more questions, more mystery, and frankly not even the ability to know what the grand jury was thinking.

Video of the commentary below:

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