Kendall Coffey Dishes on Brett Kavanaugh’s Role in the Terri Schiavo Case

Now that Brett Kavanaugh is a nominee for the Supreme Court Justice, Kendall Coffey spoke with 7News to reflect on some of Kavanaugh’s momentous South Florida cases.

Terri Schiavo’s a-right-to-die legal case was one of the highlights. The controversy of this case shook the entire nation and Kavanaugh played a major role in it.

Schiavo suffered from cardiac arrest and severe brain damage that resulted in her being comatose for several years. Her husband argued that she wouldn’t have wanted to be kept alive if she wouldn’t have the same quality of life as before. Schiavo’s parents didn’t agree and wanted to keep her alive with the hope of her conditions improving despite doctor’s diagnosis.

In 2005 Congress passed legislation to keep Schiavo alive and Kavanaugh was the one who reached out to then-President George W. Bush to sign the bill. In the end, courts ruled in favor of Schiavo’s husband and her feeding tube was removed, and she ended up passing away.

Even with all of Kavanaugh’s South Florida connections, he’s considered a Washington insider and Coffey believes that he will have a big impact on the United States Supreme Court.