NBC News- Kendall Coffey on Ft. Hood Trial

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Kendall Coffey appeared on NBC news to discuss the trial of Major Nidal Hasan, who attacked soldiers at Ft. Hood.  Tamron Hall asks Coffey his opinion on Hasan defending himself.

“Yes, we know that there’s a constitutional right to defend yourself.  It’s very troubling at times for the courts and certainly for victims.  How distressing must it be that this man that they believe to be a killer is going to be on this stage, able to play the role of the lawyer, even question them?  But it is a part of our system that is inevitable.  The one thing they want to make sure of in this trial is that there is no constitutional violation or legal mistakes.  I think the victims are going to be ready for this guy.”

Tamron Hall also asked Kendall Coffey about Hasan’s mental state and how that will factor into the case.

“Well, the court needs to, as I’m sure it has, determine the competency of Hasan to move forward as his own lawyer.  Certainly if he were mentally impaired to the point where he couldn’t do it, that would obviously create significant due process issues.  And there are going to be some testy, painful and angry moments, but I think the court is ready for it and I think the victims will be able to deal with it.”