PoliticKing with Larry King and Kendall Coffey

Kendall Coffey responds to the latest in the Russia Investigation

Kendall Coffey responds to the latest in the Russia Investigation: the Trump team turnover of documents to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Coffey attempts to dispel the notion that what we’re seeing is undoubtedly a conspiracy. Rather, the turnover of documents is a “critical, necessary, and ordinary” part of any investigation.

Further, he explains that it’s important to comb through all communications before speaking with key witnesses in order to have complete information. In this manner, you not only refresh a witness’ recollection but also catch them on misinformation and omissions of truth.

The focus of the investigation is to uncover events that may constitute as “criminal conspiracy” – such as data hacking, accepting campaign contributions from Foreign Nationals, omitting material information on their National Security forms, or obstruction of justice by making false statements – since “collusion” itself is not a crime.