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Motions filed to consolidate gay marriage suits

Kendall Coffey on FL Gay Marriage Suits

Motions filed to consolidate gay marriage suits By Dan Sweeney, Sun Sentinel2:27 p.m. EDT, July 31, 2014 Two same-sex marriage lawsuits currently winding their way through the Third District Court of Appeals may soon be combined into one Circuit court judges in both Miami-Dade and Monroe counties have struck down Florida’s same-sex marriage ban, but […]

Attorney Kendall Coffey

Attorney Kendall Coffey Questions Plaintiff in Malpractice Suit

Attorney Kendall Coffey of Coffey Burlington questions Developer Rodger Shay on the stand during Shay’s malpractice suit against Shutts and Bowen Attorneys. From the Daily Business Review: “Coffey politely but stridently grilled Shay on the witness stand Thursday, clearly trying to paint him as someone who was calling his own shots in the disputed real […]

Kendall Coffey on News Nation with Tamron Hall

Kendall Coffey on the “Affluenza Defense”

  Author of Spinning the Law and NBC legal analyst Kendall Coffey appeared on News Nation with Tamron Hall on MSNBC on December 12th to discuss the trial of Ethan Couch, the Texas teenager that was sentenced to ten years probation after killing four people in a motor vehicle accident.  Transcript below: Tamron Hall:  Welcome […]

Kendall Coffey Spinning the Law

Kendall Coffey on Steve Malzberg 11.22.13

Kendall Coffey is considered an expert on the 1999 high profile case of Elian Gonzalez, found after a shipwreck off the coast of Florida while crossing to Cuba.  Elian Gonzalez is discussed at length in Spinning the Law by Kendall Coffey. “I actually at some point became one of the lead lawyers and argued some […]

kendall coffey juveniles tried as adults

Kendall Coffey on Juvenile Crimes

During the regular Spinning the Law segment on Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg show last week, Kendall Coffey commented on several grisly murder cases as well as a recent court case against the Affordable Care Act. A 14 year old high school student charged with murdering his math teacher.  He will be tried as an adult. “The […]